Kinder, First, Second (Week 1)

Kindergarten First, Second grade (Wk 1)

Hello kids!

I hope your parents are helping you find FUN ART 4 KIDS!

Your teachers will be talking about animals this week.  I am posting a few side activities you can explore during Art class time!

Parents- see my Pinterest idea folder at any time. (here) 

1. Do you want to draw by looking?

How to Draw Baby Giraffe How to Draw Iguana

2. Do you want to draw with a video?

 From Epic Books
Found on Epic Books

Go to Epic! books for more like this.

3. Fun crafts the family can help with.

sockoctopus Lots of paper ideas

4. Do you want to explore famous art with animals?

'At The Vets' by Norman Rockwell Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas
By Norman Rockwell

Who looks sad, the boy or the dog?

Cool Head, Warm Feet - George Rodrigue Studios
Blue Dog: Cool head, warm feet. By Rodrigue

Would you pet this dog?  Why or why not?

Dog Pablo Picasso Painting

Dachshund, By Picasso

Can you see the dog shape?  It is made by one continual line.

Dr. Seuss Unorthodox Taxidermy

Wall Sculptures, By Dr. Seuss 

Do you think these are real animals?

What funny animal name would you give them?