Leaf Bowls

Fourth Grade Leaf Bowls

I love these fun fall leaves. They are quite easy to do if you are fortunate enough to have a kiln at your


Each student starts with a fist sized lump of potters
clay.  Review and complete wedging of the clay as usual (to prepare it from air bubbles, etc.)

Simply roll the clay into 1/4" slabs using rolling pins and two guide sticks which help you get an even result.

Place a large leaf over the clay- facing up so that the veins are down.  I have them select leaves as big as their hand- spread wide.  Roll the leaf twice to press the design into the clay

Use a sharp trimming tool (thin/long nails, an opened thick paper clip or better clay tools work well here) to cut the outline of the leaf shape.

Smooth the rough edges with one finger and a bit of water. 

Lay some plastic wrap, a paper towel or a thin cotton cloth inside of a disposable paper bowl. Lay your clay leaf inside of the bowl and gently press it down to take its new shape.

Dry for several days and kiln process as usual.

I love to use Sax colorburst glazes for fantastic fall results!

Have fun with this one!


  1. I have done this one before - wow I love the glaze you used!! I will have to get some of that...

  2. Great leaf bowls. I like your fun glaze colors. We usually do these too, but I'm going to have to order some of these vivid colors before we get into this assignment. Nice job!

  3. Thanks for posting, I was trying to decide on a clay project for my 4th graders!

  4. Thanks...seen this around but yours look spectacular!

  5. Hi!

    I LOVE these bowls. Aren't they just something!?!

    I was wondering - would you be intrested in me using this post as a GuestPost over at my Crafts blog Red Ted Art? I would LOVE to showcase this, they are so wonderful!

    Please do let me know - of course you get full credits and links back to your site.

    My site for reference: http://www.redtedart.com

    Please email me info (at) redtedart (dot) com - either way! I will not be offended if you would "rather not", but would be good to know!

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Many thanks


  6. Maggy,
    I hope you check back- I tried contacting you about your request...but do not know if you got it, so I am glad to help. Please use lkeihl34@gmail.com and we can chat.


  7. brilliant autumn/fall project! love it- may try that out with my group.

    this was my autumn project - let me know what you think :0)


  8. How do you do the speckling? Is it hard?

    I'm planning to do this with my students on Friday, so if you get a chance could you email me, I could use some help. :)

    talie321 at gmail dot com


  9. I love these and decided to do them with my 4th graders. I used the same glaze (colorburst) and I need info about the cone size and what temp the kiln should be set to. If you are still reading these, I'd love to hear from you.



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