Aurora Borealis

These Aurora Borealis images were beautiful to create. My sixth grade students got really into the salt mountains, the chalk pastel smears in the sky…and my “science kids” were simply into the fact that they were getting such cool information about this fantastic earthly phenomenon! I would definitely suggest this project to others.

First….These were posted by Rachel on her Color, Collage and much more site.
Please see her images here!
I think her mountains have a neat look- she used suran wrap on them!


Read More here on how we made them...

You will need:
watercolor paint-brushes-paper
spray bottle
oak tag (or pattern paper)
construction paper (sky)
chalk pastels- paper towel

We discuss facts and explore images of the A.B. before we dive into the art!

Day one (mountains)
Spray your watercolor paper with enough water to allow colors to easily blend.  This helps your white and blue ice areas to blend easily and smoothly.  Students should sprinkle salt over the wet areas.  I encourage students to have ice or snow colors near the top.  Cool colors work well throughout.

Day two (finish sky and glue parts)
Make a the pattern in the shape of arctic mountains- the same size as your watercolor paper design. 
You will need this as a template and "mess paper."  First, mark the right front side so that it does not get flipped around incorrectly.  Use it to place on top of your watercolor mountains and cut them out. SAVE THE SCRAP.

Now, place the pattern paper in front of you.  Color blobs of Aurora colors along the front top edge. I have them use 3-4 different colors. Place the pattern on top of your  good sky- lined up with that paper.  Use a towel to swipe the chalk color up into the not over-rub it.

Then, glue your mountains down in place.  Have kids switch their scrap mountain piece with a neighbor. Glue that one at the bottom. 



  1. This is from Color, Collage, and Much More.

  2. These are beautiful! Love the layers.

  3. Thanks, Rina! I found her and put a link. I like her stars...shucks, I forgot those!

  4. I'm so excited to see my lesson being used! These came out wonderful!
    and thanks so much for the blog/lesson publicity.
    -Rachel (

  5. These are great also!! love them!!

  6. I showed these to my fifth grade students yesterday- they were so excited!


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