Spring Butterflies!

Fluttering around with...symmetry!
These Shrinky Dink down to a great pin for Mother's Day
Who doesn't love the old Shrinky Dink art papers from our childhood? They are still wonderful.

To create these fun pins, you will need:

  • Clear, 6" Shrinky Dink paper/plastic sheets

  • pinbacks

  • perm. marker

  • hot glue

  • black and white coloring page butterfly images/clip art

  • sand paper (unless you buy the "rough and ready" pack)

  • perm. markers or colored pencils

  • oven 
First, if you do not have the "ready to go" pack...rough up your SD plastic with sand paper.
Students will then trace their butterfly images from the coloring pages you provide. Lay their transparent sheets on top of image and outline with a permanent marker.
Color images with colored pencils (I use these) or perm. markers.
Cut the shapes out.
Teacher bakes them briefly as directed on SD box.
Watch them shrink to about 2 inches wide!
When removed from the oven, the teacher will gently presses their little wings up a bit by using the edge/lip of the baking tray.
Cool and add the pinbacks with hot glue!
You could put thin wires out the tops for antenna.  I have done this before and curled the points into a swirl.
These are uctually really easy for how cute they end up.

Moms love this for Mother's Day!