March 16, 2010

Bubbling into Spring

Second Grade- Bubble Wrap Printing
I saw this idea recently online and had to try it!  The kids went CRAZY over the idea...cheering and begging me to let them add more layers of dots to their work next week.  This was so much fun!

Simply roll out printing ink (or paint) in a tray as you wish.  Mixing colors creates a neat effect.  have students press the bubble side of their bubble wrap into the ink.  Remove the wrap carefully and line it up on colored construction paper.  Press it without sliding the ink.  Pull the wrap from the paper.  Repeat if needed fpr more layers.  Drying them a bit between prints helps the design.

What else can you do with these fun prints

See the lesson here!


  1. We were just cutting snakes yesterday. I am inspired to have some more snakey fun after spring break with this. Thank you

    Liz Mccaw