Week 2 and 3 (3rd and 4th grade)

Toad Houses: Becoming a habitat designer

Any grade can join us!

This is week 3.  If you missed last week, you will need to explore the information below before moving to THIS lesson.  

Now that you have collected all of your items to build a creative habitat, let's go!

  • You may use outdoor paint (acrylic can work) to paint any rocks, flower pots or other materials you use.
  • You will be acting as an animal habitat designer.  Fun!  Some people actually have this job in 'real life.'  You could work at a zoo or animal protection agency recreating animal environments that help them thrive and grow. You will need to understand what they NEED to survive. Research and watch this video to help you understand more about your new pet toad.


  • Next, see my video message here.  I have some ideas for you that will help.  


         Our houses 

    Third Grade   

        I am so sorry you were stopped from creating your pottery. Let's try to make one at home instead. 

    Fourth Grade

         I am hoping you can join us in creating a fun little place for your toad to live.  You may use last years toad house or another 
container heavy enough to stay in place.  A cracked or broken ceramic flower pot would be perfect. 

All 3rd and 4th grade MAY participate.
Your art class assignment involves science this week.
We will also get very creative as you will design, create arrange your habitat to help your toad community.
Remember: the better job you do on your habitats, the better chance you have of bringing the Fairies to your yard!  

Step One:  By next Monday, collect or find the following so you are ready.  I will post a video by Monday taking you through 
the process of setting up your items in a way that will encourage the toads to visit.
  • A container (see examples above or here)
  • Where is a shady moist area near your house?
  • Shallow lid (for a toad pool)
Optional fun stuff:
  • Small solar light stake
  • Pebbles, smooth rocks
  • Research facts about toads and frogs.

Check back HERE Next week!

You will see a video explaining what to do with your items by Monday.

I'm excited to see you then!

If you want more ideas, please visit:

Toad houses  

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