5th-6th Photo Challenge (week 1)

Hello 5th and 6th Grade Peeps.

Get outside!!!

Hi, everyone!
Despite the fairly icky day, occasional rain, chilly temps and...well, the Coronavirus 
isolation, I must say that today's adventure was actually a lot of fun.

Here is my challenge for all of you.

Go out and take some great pictures!  


It is free!  You will get exercise AND give your parents a break!
You will surprise yourself with your creativity and learn a few editing tricks while you are at it. Plus, you will make me happy!  I would like to see what you can do.


You are invited to my private photo share folder.  You may upload ONLY images related to this project here.  
Follow the rules:
1. Take appropriate images that are school friendly and related to a nature walk.
2. Students at Lathrop Street Elementary, grades 5-6 may enter.
3. You may use only your images.  You may also use photo editing programs to artistically alter the images.  (see my examples below)

I am using a Cluster folder.  The invite link is below.   

President Field...you better come with something good! Lol 

Ideas from my walk.

Places to edit images.

I use PicsArt on my phone because most editing tools are free and provide you with a lot of fun options.
You do not need to edit them.  Its just an option for fun.

Again, if you would like to share your images with others, please use the CLUSTER link provided below.


Update:  Pick of the week award goes to Aiden S. (Castellani) for the younger kids.  His images are crazy amazing.  These are two of them.  You will need to upload a few of your own creations to see the rest!  Wow, Aiden.  These are great.  I am proud of you. let's see what the older kids can do.