Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
I think I will do this again this year...next week. 

I love Dr. Seuss and spend quite a bit of energy celebrating his life and talent as both an artist and an author.  These Trufulla Trees were quite a hit!  I adapted some idea I saw on Pinterest to suit our needs.
The kids had a great time making these in a simple 40 minute station block!
Have fun!

Using the ideas from the Lorax, we first made sand jars in inspirational Seuss stripes.

I used the Playfoam clay to 'plug' the top...it works fabulous!!!

I colored cotton balls.  You can use bottled water color paints or other methods...let them dry out for a day or 2.


Use a marker to stripe the pipecleaners- they are your tree trunks!
Then glue both ends and push on the colored cotton balls.
I covered the Foamclay with 'grass' tissue paper.
It works well to poke three holes in the Foam clay
before pushing the trees down in the Foamclay.

We added a pre-printed label on the side that said "Save the Trees."  Students colored the Lorax yellow and wrote their name there as well.