My Personal Favorite....
The triangular gripped jumbo colored pencils!  They definitely steal the show for PRANG!                A must buy!
  • no more easily broken leads and quick to dull ends!!!!!!
  • colorful and intense
  • their smooth large lead supports little hands and covers areas faster and more complete than the competitors.  LOVE LOVE LOVE these! 

TheTiconderoga pencils are actually smoother as kidding!  I really never spent the time to notice it- but I would recommend keeping them in stock for your classroom for an inexpensive solution to capturing grey scale values without the expense of fine artist pencils.

Although it may be difficult to see in this picture, the war between the competitors markers went well.  Prangs colors held up and actually were more opaque than the other brand.  I will be watching to see which ones hold up for a duration in the room- so check back.
The paint test was interesting and I have decided, to be fair, it depends on the colors you are looking for to determine the color results you will get- for example- the Prang blue was more true than the other brand.  I will say that the Prang brush included in the pack won for quality, however.  
Thank you to the Prang company for allowing educators to have such a hands on opportunity to play with their fabulous materials!  You have wonderful products and I will certainly be ordering from you (as I have in the past) this new year.