Fairy Houses

It's the season for dreaming...
This is a favorite thing of mine- a secret side passion for sale by email as I am just starting to get my home studio set and register them on Etsy.  My students love them and are creating their own beautiful creations.
Construction does not have to be difficult.  Rolling slabs and forming them around cups for the cylinder forms or making pinch pot toppers are quick and easy.   

Consider ways to add flowers, like holes where they can be stuck by the "fairy" who lives there.

Troll houses, snail pets....

I will add photos as I complete more with the kids. 



  1. Oh these are just so great! My own children would love to make these--as would my students, but, I am without a kiln...I'm going to have to think of an alternative for my kiddos until I am blessed by the kiln-fairy! I really think that your students will treasure these for a long time. How magical! Thank you so much for posting. Mrs. P @ createartwithme.blogspot.com

    1. 1. What about using cement? Did you ever see how you can take a medium plastic flower pot, pour cement into it and place a smaller one inside...push it down so the cement makes an inch wall between pots. Once dry- pop them out...- Done!

      2. Found objects work great to transform. Ex. Take upside down flower pots, an old watering can, roller skates...anything fun... and cut and add to it. This would also tie into Earth day!!

      Have funart!


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