Matisse: Color and Patterns

This year in art I have had the most FUN teaching 
Henri Matisse by painting over OLD WALL PAPER.

My Students began learning about his life and techniques  through a visual presentation and then carried out their designs by painting a variety of wall paper book sheets- simply painting over the old designs!  It was a fabulous start and inspired them in creating a few of their own designs for their work.

This is a close up of two students fine attention to  
  patterns, color and design


This is the art showcase board where I asked students to find the 
6 hidden Matisse prints 
that were randomly put in with student works.


  1. Lori, these are fabulous! I love the idea of painting on old wallpaper for Matisse. I'm pinning!!

    And your Matisse prints hidden among the student artwork - what an adorable idea!

  2. i agree, working with the wallpaper is a great idea. i love the bright colors and variations of the poses.


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