What works for you?    
I am a color coding freak!

I am always looking for ways to keep projects organized in the art room.  It is a place where things can easily get out of hand without constant management and supervision.  One thing I battle with is finding a lesson plan book that accommodates my blocks of time...which is usually different than that of a homeroom teacher.  I have altered the below book by cutting off the top column headers and adding grade levels in order of how they come in. I also glue in a row guide for topics, materials needed, etc.  At times it may become a bunch of chicken scratch...but it helps me see things I need for the week quickly.

I also have used a quick "notes" book to track the weeks topics and themes covered along with any other important information that pops up unexpectedly.  I note schedule changes, assemblies, things to pre-organize...I don't feel the need to be tidy about it- it is simply a scribble pad or "quick look" at the week to come. It is far more practical to me to have a place to jot down all of the interruptions and changes that occur in a week...right!?

I also have a binder that stores any ideas I collect and want to develop in the future.  This is color coded by grade levels and 

Another  HUGE help in having a functional space is being organized about who gets what from where.  We are always looking to cut down on bumper to bumper "traffic patterns" when we are getting supplies or taking things to the drying rack.

First, I call kids by chair color to do a particular job.
Every table has 4 different chairs.

Their tables are also color coded to match their pirate flags hanging above.  We call pirate "ships" or tables for line-up and or washing hands.


Art is stored by grade and classroom on these shelves.


  1. I so agree about the fact a classroom plan book doesn't work for art. I wish I could find one. I am trying to see if I like it and can make it work for this first semester. It is limited in that I wish I could write electronic sticky notes on it. But so far it is adequate and the best part is I can do it online from home!
    You have some great ideas, thanks for sharing.


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