Uhhhga- uhga!

4th Grade Students made tribal masks from large oak tag paper.  We had just learned about Picasso and discussed how his art (cubism) was influenced by tribal designs.

We entirely transformed them with:
  • Mod Podge!!!!   -tissue papers, construction paper scraps, feathers and raffia.
Our focus was to: 
  1. create symmetrical designs using folded paper,
  2. stick to a color theme (color wheel),
  3. create 3-D parts with folds or slits that were pulled to overlap and then stapled. (this worked awesome),
  4. create a tribe name and write a few statements about how your mask is used in your tribe.


  1. Awesome, I love these! It's hard to believe they all came from simple oaktag!

  2. Lori, oh my gosh I just LOVE these! If I didn't already have a million things going on that need to be finished, I'd drop everything and make these - they go so well with my "wild" theme. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Thanks. Making the side slits and stapling them was the final touch that made them pop (3D)! We even reversed some of the staple pulls to indent them the opposite way- this made some bridges of the noses go out. Hard to explain- but try that.
    Every mask had a different solution. It's hard to start any major things this late in the year! File it away.

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  6. beautiful masks!beautiful blog! Kisses from Greece.


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