Coiled Turtles are a fun alternative to making "the same 'ole" coil pots.   Try this new spin on the concept - they still learn, but with a twist of excitement.

My students loved them.

How did we do it?
2, 40 minute classes.  (The clay was pre-measured by me- ready to go!)
Simply coil a very small bowl from potters clay (Ours were about 3"- Indian Red terracotta)
Roll 4 equal ball shapes and alter them into a short, chubby leg/foot. 
Add a tail and head... but make sure they are all connected WELL!
I really recommend that the teacher check these over after kids leave.  Make sure legs are on and their bodies did not get floppy!
Day 2- Pottery was fired at clay temp.  Glaze only the shell and the eyes.  The feet, tail and head look great left the natural red clay color.

No kiln?    Use any clay and paint them with tempera or acrylic! 


  1. Turtles are my fav animal...LOVE THESE! :) I might have to try this next year.

  2. I like these. BUT as an air-dry clay user (no kiln) I know how breakable appendages like the heads/tails/legs would be. So it seems like a really cool idea to make the coil body, and then add legs and tails from sheets of colored foam. I'm still trying to come up with a good plan for the head if I do it this way!

  3. These are a great alternative! I usually have the kids do coil snails but I may have to switch it up next year! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cool, thanks for sharing your idea!

  5. I love this idea! I do mini ceramic turtles using the pinch pot method... this seems great for Kindergarteners!


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