Our Cupcakes!

What fun...so easy!

These directions break down making these cupcakes into easy to understand steps.

After seeing these cute ceramic cupcakes on several blogging posts, I decided to try them myself.

The project took 2, 40 minute classes.

The results were fantastic!

Day One
Create both the top and bottom with potters clay.  
Each section is a pinch pot.
The bottom is then pressed into silicone molds.  I found these at a craft store (cake section). A cherry ball is added with careful consideration.  Score and use slip.

Dry and fire as directed
by the clay you use.

Tip: Have your students put their name on color coded class papers.  Layer them between the two sections of clay.

Day two
Glaze the two sections.  I did not allow the cake bottom or icing bottom edge to be glazed.  I even dipped that section in potters wax to make sure and wiped that area with a sponge after the kids left.  Then, they sat easily on the kiln shelf- and did not stick. (The stilts I had to hold them up were too big and wobbly to deal with.)


  1. So cute. I would love to try this with my children :)

  2. these are fabulous and look good enough to eat! i've been looking for a cute clay project for my fourth graders...THANKS!!!

  3. love these..have been thinking about doing this for a couple yrs...might have to try it!

  4. What a great display. These look wonderful. jan

  5. These are terrific -- and I love the way you displayed them!

  6. My 3rd grade students recently made these. For the art show, I displayed them in a wire cupcake holder.

  7. Okay, so I bought cupcake molds too. But my question is, do you leave the clay in the mold until is dries? I guess I am having a little trouble popping them out of the molds. Let me know please...www.drawthelineat.blogspot.com

  8. I can't find a silicone mold that isn't flimsy. I know this is an old post - but any suggestions?


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