Throwing Pottery

The other day I was taken back to a great memory- the first time my hands ever felt the mushy, smooth clay on a potters wheel.  This time it was because of my son, Spencer.  Since mom is an art teacher, he has the benefit of getting to have this experience sooner than most kids. 
Sadly, some never do.  I am unable to have all kids do this during class because of space, supplies, scheduling, etc.   I tell them, "when I win the lottery we will knock out the exterior wall and build a sun room studio, complete with a full ceramic set-up!"  They love that idea.  Between dreaming, I do demonstrate the concepts and let them all see how it is done- that is also loved!  We do many hand-built projects in each grade instead.

I just thought I would share this cool moment with my blogging friends.  I was so happy to see him enjoying it! Oh, memories! Thanks for this "mommy moment."


  1. I've never had a wheel in my class until this year. I tried to let all of my 4th and 5th graders have time on the wheel, but it drove me CRAZY. There was clay in our room for FAR too long, and I'm not sure if I'll even bring it out next year. I may figure out a better system.

  2. is such a pain~
    It is impossible to do it and not drive yourself crazy. A good thing is that the demonstration excites my kids- luckily, they will have the opportunity to join art (and a room full of wheels) at the high school some day.

    Do you guys feel like a "sample platter" at a restaurant? We give them so many tastes of art: history, materials, concepts, etc...but it is not practical to be a main dish, right?!
    I think that is really what art is about at this level...engage all kids with as many possibilities that you can in art. Done right- I suppose the kids should feel like their belly's are quite full from all of these great experiences! And everyone knows...we always like the appetizers better than the main dishes....shhh! Don't tell the math teachers!

  3. Such bliss on his face -- that's how I felt the first time I ever threw a pot!!
    Love it, so wishing I still had access to a potter's wheel and a kiln for my own daughters to play ; )


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