The Lizard Playground!

I love this project!  
(everything about it- including the "no mess" factor)

I teach kindergarten about sculpture.
First with a neat little slide show...and then, by creating these fun lizard playgrounds that use concepts of 3-D structures!

If you have never used these "magic noodles," try them.  They are great, easy and fun for ANY age and/or motor skill level.  We often use them for OT kids.  They stick together with a touch of moisture and are quick and not messy.

You can also send out the alarm to have the FREE white ones collected by your parents.  They are used in packaging.  Be sure they are not the foam peanuts.  I believe these are made with corn starch.  They are a simple cylinder shape.

How to do it?

Bounce the noodle on the "sponge trampoline" 3 times.  (too much water will entirely MELT the noodle.)

Then, hold your noodle in place for a count of three.  Simple!

Have fun teaching your students ways to make a sturdy construction.  Consider slides, tunnels, ladders and climbing bars. 

Add a foam lizard sticker (or other animal, bug) to the playground.

Wow, I wish I was a lizard!

Add this paper to communicate to parents about the activity!


  1. Hey Lori!! We have these corn starch beads and love making sculptures with them too!! I never thought about adding the foam sticker critters -- great idea, my girls WOULD love this : )

    The Wilton Heart pans ARE really hard to find this time of year -- they seem to get wiped out the week before v-day. I usually see them at Michaels or Walmart and I've seen them at Sur La Table too but not sure if you have one where you live.

    Happy Valentine's day and thanks for sharing your link with me : )

    pink and green mama,

  2. These are great! I just brought a bag into my classroom, so will be using them next daughter has loved playing with them at home!

  3. Thanks...I will be on the look out for the heart pans (the melted crayon activity.) I did put paper tabs out of my round crayons that said "Friends R colorful." They were fine on a low melting temp. That worked out ok.

  4. I love Magic Nuudles too. I love this sculpture idea using the Nuudles! I will definitely try this with my 4 year old daughter! I can't wait to try it either! I just posted about Magic Nuudles on my blog:
    Magic Nuudle Creations

    I'm excited to check out the rest of your blog!

  5. I just posted this on my FB page because I LOVE it so much!

  6. I recently purchased these for my younger students and haven't pulled them out yet. Glad to hear they are easy to use. This is a good idea, love it!

  7. I think I may have to try these out. I have used them personally with my nieces, but not at school. I think my students would love them and it would be a nice sculptural experience! Check out my blog at

  8. These kids are really amazing. At their early age, they show their artistic skills.


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