Jim Dine

Oh, the wonderful world of Dine Hearts!

I have seen all types of Dine hearts all over the blog world for a year now and thought I had better "get with the program" and try some myself.

What I love about this project is how successful a kindergarten student can be with their attempt.  They also take on a quilt effect when grouped as a collaborative project.

Each student was given an 8" square watercolor paper.

We looked at Dine images and talked about how some looked camouflaged.

Then, they used a tracing pattern for their heart.

They colored the heart outline heavily with a black crayon...then, inside of their heart with fantastic "party" colors.

The outside (we learned the word background) was done in watercolor paints!


  1. Jim Dine always does well! And hearts are a favourite subject of my pupils!
    Love the quilt effect too!

    I just started an art-teacher blog myself. You can take a look if you want: http://artlessonsfrombelgium.blogspot.com/

  2. Very nice! I just tried a Jim Dine Valentine's assignment too. I saw so many nice ones on other blogs that inspired me to do one also. I keep forgetting to bring my camera to work to take pictures though.

  3. I also completed a Jim Dine project recently! I guess he's a popular guy this time of year. I like how you stuck with one giant heart for this project - thanks for sharing!


  4. They look great all grouped together!

  5. These are Awesome! I LOVE Jim Dine! One of My favorite Artists!


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