Dali Elephants

Dali and Surrealism
There are so many ways to approach Salvador Dali and his unique work.  The most difficult challenge is finding appropriate images to show kids in my Power Point show.  I admit to cropping photos of his work in my presentation-not changing them.  In theory, I feel that exposing them to blips of his work is better than not showing them anything at all.

First, I want to mention that I was inspired to change my ideas up a bit after seeing Dali's elephants on the Georgetown Elementary Art Blog!  Thank you for your inspiration- I loved your results.  The link is here.

These are the results for my 6th grade students:

Above:  one of my incredible girls, Ashley
Dali's elephants are a fun way to engage students creativity while exploring the concepts of Surrealism.

Ours were sketched out on watercolor paper.  We considered ways to shade our elephants using our pencils- which was a great review of the gray scale and finding different values to make an object more 3-D. 
We used watercolor paints for the background.

The Dali slide show can be found under the presentation link - top, right document share.


  1. Don't know if you know this: the Dali Museum in Florida has a FREE education resource it will send teachers, which includes a DVD called "Get Surreal With Salvador Dali". I've used it with grades 4 and up.

    Love the Dali elephants!

  2. Love these elongated elephants! We're doing Indian elephants right now. They have been a challenge for some to draw. The lines on these are wonderful!

  3. Thanks everyone! I will check out your elephants, too!

    Phyl- what a great tip! I will have to send for one.

  4. Great idea! This is one of my favorite Dali images. I had my 4th graders write a short story using "The Elephants" as an illustration as part of their Surrealism unit. They were so bummed when we ran out of time!

  5. These are beautiful!
    And thanks Phyl for the great tip. I hope they'll ship it to Holland too!

  6. Oh nice!
    I think I will try this one with my pupils next year.

  7. Btw: I'm a new follower and a new art-teacher blogger :-)


  8. Hi Lori - the Dali elephants turned out great! Your kiddos did a nice job on them. Thanks for the plug and link to my Georgetown blog, too!


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