Picasso is a staple in my fourth grade curriculum.  I love his work and the diverse ways we can branch out after learning about his life and style of production.  I have done many different projects using his inspirations- this is one.  Here, we focused on cubism and his work The Three Musicians. 

We explore my power point presentation on Picasso-  
This explains his entire life...and by the end they understand his realistic works, Blue Period, Rose Period, Cubism, Picassoism as well as see examples of his fun sculptures.  (We love those!)

These were entirely cut from our scrap box and layered with my favorite... Mod Podge glue.  I love how it seals and shines the entire final look.   The kids thought of cute details, like the having a dog in their image.  (Do you see the dog in Picasso's? The kids love to I SPY that during the image show- proving that art is not always seen or understood in the first glance!)

Our inspiration by Picasso!


  1. It looks like the kids really got into this project. I like all the instrument details. Do you have the kids just use Mod Podge at the end on the final project, or is that what they use as glue the whole time?

  2. Wow, very effective! Thank you for sharing this. Its inspired me & I plan to use it with my class very soon.


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