Dubuffet Reindeer

What would a Dubuffet reindeer look like?

This was done by First Grade Students!


This is how we did it:

After our Dubuffet explanation, students were given a rubber glove and a paint tray (that looked like a Pollock design.)  We used "furry" colors.  They hand printed away....with many smiles and a good batch of laughs! 

The next session, we drew the design-outline- of a reindeer on the back. We included a fluffy mane on the neck and back legs that have a realistic shape.  Then, we cut.

We used the next class to add Dubuffet eyes, hooves, tail, mane, etc. with paint.

During the last class, we traced our hands for 1/2 the antlers and used a pattern for the other side.

I included an explaination to the parents on the back side- since many will not understand the relationship they had to Dubuffet!  Please see this link for that information in PDF form!


  1. Can I just say the kids lovvvvveeed doing this!!! Great Idea!!

  2. Hey, send me a photo when they are done! I will post it. My group has one more day to go...details are nearly done...now, antlers!
    You are the best Maynard!


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