Say Goodbye UGLY space.

I have to take a minute to say...
After 13 years of a crowded unusable space with cruddy storage- we finally redesigned a few sections of my art room to help maximize the 4 walls that just won't seem to move! Is there anyone else with that problem?

Check out this BEFORE photo below

And now the AFTER

I have a great L shaped desk that allows me to swing right over to the new art/design island. This is wonderful since I need to go from computer work, grading large items, creating examples and assisting kids, at a moment's notice! Provided there is any time to actually sit...right?

I now have an adult height sink! This was before the top was,Don't look at the mess on top.

The bad was going on the entire first week of school. Then, it trickled on and off until now. Not fun!
I will be glad when the details are finished.
I found out that they will not put the new kids sinks in until next year!  What am I to do?

Yeah for storage!


  1. Did you say "sinks"? LUCKY! I just have one (in my brand new art room) but at least it's in a normal spot and not shoved in a crowded corner like in my old room. Looks great!

  2. Wow! I love the improvements! My space is not what I would like it to be either. I often wish for something different. I like parts of my room but this space you have created... It must make you feel happy, creative, and joyful!

  3. Wow! What an art room! Mine is SO drab. Have fun!

  4. Looks wonderful!!!!!! I only have one sink...and it is not kid friendly. I have rags that I wet/squeeze out and throw to the kids to clean their hands and clean their tables.

  5. Your room looks awesome! I'm a little jealous.

  6. I absolutely love the lime green walls!!!

  7. Thank you everyone! I do love the new space. And E...I will be throwing sponges to each table as well until the new kiddie sink comes. Hate the shared germs...ick, but what else do I do? Eventually, this new space will allow 4 kids to wash at a time. A half moon sink. Heaven.

  8. Looks great! Think I need to come see it in person!!!


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