Pumpkin Buddy Prints

Use your ink wisely to make your pumpkins
These were so much fun...took a few 40 minute classes, though.

  •  Day one:
We simply drew one oval (tall or chubby guy) on 4.5" x 6" foam scratch board sheets.  Flat meat trays work as well.  We cut out the shape and put vertical, curved lines pressed into the printing foam.
  •  Day two:
Print...using one blob of orange ink and one yellow (on the right and left side of a tray.)  This will give you a very neat illuminated effect as you roll your pumpkin (foam) and print it on brown paper.

Note:  Students made two prints.  One of their own...then, we stopped- made a GROUP SWAP- then did our second print of a buddies.  Be sure that they have their names on both (2) brown sheets prior to the ink mess!!!! Trust me!

  • Day three:
Design the background as you wish.  We created ripped paper hills- and used the extra piece for ripped earth textures.  We made a few crayon lines and obviously designed cute faces, colored stems and added small "fish eye" stickers for an extra boo- effect.  Be sure to place a moon somewhere with purpose-these really do "GLOW" in person because of the yellow ink on one side of the pumpkin.


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