Collaborative panels: using mod podge, contact sheets, lettering, wood scraps, magazine images and color copies transfered to clear mod podge glue sheets
(rubbed with sponges)

This was such a fun project! After careful planning of the available space and resources, my older students began bringing in nice images of cartoon characters. We used a fantastic process where you glue acrylic gel glaze or Mod Podge glue over the color copy...let it dry and repeat at least 8 times. Each class added these layers until there was a thick, dry, uniform shell of clear glue over the image. They flipped over the colored print and wet the paper backing (non image side). They used a wet sponge to make round circles, rubbing gently until the paper began to peel away. Continue.

 Over time you we see the image start to appear. Be careful not to rub the good ink away- stop when you feel all paper is gone. Only the image will remain- like a fruit roll up (texture)- but your image!

These transparent sheets allow you to layer other images or words under them for a very cool effect! This process can also be done by sticking clear contact paper over an ink photo copy of anything. You should rub it on with the reverse side of a spoon- then remove the paper backing as stated above. You will have a similar effect with less mess and time as the above suggestion; however some people prefer the thinker layer the glue process creates.

Here are some close ups!

                      The 3D blocks were a fun, creative way to highlight key focal  points.


  1. this is just the BEST and I love it and applaud you.

  2. As a fellow teacher I love your commitment to art!

  3. wow that is amazing- beautiful

  4. This is an awesome idea! I love, love, love it!!! I will try this with my upper grades this year. Thanks

  5. All I can say is WOW! I hope you leave this up for years to come, it turned out amazing! Thanks for sharing!


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