Ancient Owls

Batik made easy!
No heat or difficult materials!

Draw the head and wings...then the belly.               

Add eye ovals, a beak and  fabulous feathers!

Outline all of the work with a black crayon...and make it dark!
Then color well using heavy white spaces!

Wrinkle away...gently smash your owl into a ball.
Press it hard and open again slowly- do not rip.
Repeat this step about 6 times until your owl has "wax cracks" throughout.
Set up a Batik station like the above photo. You will need:

  • Watered down black paint

  • brushes

  • wads of paper towels
Students will rub a 4" area of their owl with the watered paint and then blot (not rub) it up from the wax.  All of the ink will saturate into the cracks...not the your owls an ancient effect.

What a HOOT!


  1. So cute! Good idea. Love owls.

  2. Very nice artwork! You did a really good job. Cheers!

  3. These are gorgeous. I have just made some cute Clays ones - check out my blog OZ KIDZ ARTZ

  4. I use another technique of caryon batik. Instead of using paint I use black food colour or edicol dye as it is called here. the students paint it on and I then iron it between newspaper to dry and flatten the art. Very quick.

  5. I like the idea of ironing, but do you have a problem with wax melting or fading?

  6. Where are you getting the wax from and how are you heating it?


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