Sixth Grade Mugs

The finale is here! 

Sixth Grade Pottery Mugs.

At the end of the year I try to save time for this final project for my sixth grade students. 
We create hot chocolate mugs for their finale project.   Students are given the task of creating thematic vessels that take on character, which in turn makes a sculptural piece.  The results alway make me smile.  After I show them examples, I discuss concepts of form.  We brainstorm on ways to acheive form through pattern templates or coil pot structures.  Students chose which will suit their need. 
Day 1, we cram to fit this in our 40 minute block.  I recommend at least 50 minutes!  Day 1 is strictly devoted to getting a solid cylinder or form that could function as a mug.  (tiring day)
Day 2-3, we start to add details...
and after the first firing
Day 4-5 is spent glazing.

basic construction, right

My not let kids do lettering, numbers or designs like Sponge Bob, peace signs or football teams!  I strive to make them think, problem solve and be unique!  I don't want to see something that could be purchased in a store.

Our breakfast party celebration!


  1. I'm impressed. These are so cool. They all did a fantastic job!

  2. These are so wonderful!too cool and cute.

  3. These are adorable! I have taught art 20 years and i am impressed with the results. Bravo to the kids and their teacher!

  4. Thanks, Steffi. We are doing these right now and I am excited to post this years results. There is a gumball machine mug that is really fantastic. Check in about 3 weeks. We are getting ready to glaze. Fun.


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