Picasso Fun Faces

Picassoism and Kids:  A funny mix!

We spend quite a bit of time going over Picasso in fourth grade.  He is an instant hit!  Kids love his fabulous child-like designs, colorful compositions and playful subjects.  After a power point show of images from the Blue Period, Rose Period, Cubism and Picassoism...we dive into drawing people.  We discuss the way Picasso showed many angles of a person in just one image.  We also emphasize his large noses, linear hair and chubby fingers.  We break the drawing into steps with lots of style ideas.  These were finished in oil pastels; however, I have used paints in the past as well.

Don't forget to show your students
the hidden shape of the toy car in his Baboon and Young sculpture
...it is the form that makes up her head. Picasso had borrowed these from his son Claude.  Her tail was an automobile spring. The baboon's ears were made from cup handles and her belly was a large jug. The handles form the shape of her shoulders. 
They love that!