Going Crazy?

Feel like a crazy chicken missing your head?

Please share your favorite one day spring lessons that help you get through the last month of school. We could all use your support.  Comment below or send links to your blog ideas!  Thanks!


  1. Paper marbling, sun sensitive papers, chalk shadow tracing-Keith Haring (outside), Eric Carle "pass the paper" mixed up animal drawings, scratch art papers (Klee, Kandinsky line projects are good with these). I will try to photo and blog these ideas here soon.

  2. Here's a few: Silly sunglasses (already posted on my blog), lilacs in a vase (color everything but the flowers; paint those w/Q tips), radial designs w/markers, torn-paper collage bugs or creatures w/all your construction paper scraps, art room Pictionary (5th and 6th graders LOVE this) , contour drawings of shoes (everyone's shoes on the table!), sunshine necklaces for Kinders colored and cut from paper plates, and strung on yarn.

  3. Anything with limited supplies. Less set up and clean up time helps this time of year. Today first grade drew insects. First grade studies butterflies in their classroom. They were so imaginative. We started by drawing the three parts of an insect (most started out looking like snowmen) then added details like wings, antennas, legs, spots, stripes, stingers, eyes, etc. I'll make a post!


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