Funny Bunnies (chalk pastel blending)
Fifth grade students really enjoy getting silly with these cartoon creations.  They are pretty simple and always come out with such neat character. 

Drawing them step by step:

I demonstrate a variety of ideas in the front of the room.  We start by finding the center of their colored construction paper.

  • Kids create the nose at that point (making a "V")  The mouth is a curvy "W."  I encourage kids to keep them silly by adding goofy, unequal front teeth and eyes that bubble close together- which adds to their cute nature.  We add fluffly or spiked hair right above their eyes which make perfect spacing for either upright or floppy ears.  The body could be finished off in a variety of ways.  These hopping hares just fit on a 12x18 paper.  I like my students to use chalk pastels to finish off the color because it adds a soft, fluffy nature to them.  The final touch-a black outline in chalk...but be very careful that this step is LAST!  Finger smears make such a sad mess.

  • Enjoy!


  1. These are just soooo cute. I'll have to remember and do this next school year. I'll give you credit ----such an easy demo to follow too. I love your site.


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