Paul Klee

First Grade
Paul Klee's Senecio
Check out these "Seneaky-Copy-Cats"

 I have created a Power Point show for students that introduce them to the abstract, child-like images of Klee.  They love the idea of making "copy-cats."  I have them use a circle pattern to get the heads positioned.  This really is a good boost to organizing the composition.  I then walk them through the steps of drawing their images on my white board.  We use rulers to divide the head in half.  Oil pastels are used so that students can practice mixing colors while achieving vivid colors and a painted effect.  I like to have students use only warm colors on the first coloring day, since his painting reflected that scheme.  Other work days are free although I encourage tinting colors with white.  They love the control they have over these new colors.  Please save the black outline until last. It helps to prevent smearing. 

see Klee's work online.


  1. These are fabulous! Great ideas here on your blog!

  2. I really like this idea. May try it with my students. :)


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