December 13, 2010


Fast and cute!  Any grade level can do 
these in a snap!

In person, these have a periwinkle glimmer because of the tinted glue and iridescent glitter we use.  The kids LOVED making them- I even had parents running out to AC Moore for their own supplies! 

Here is how:
Simply roll white Model Magic clay into simple carrot shapes- pointy at one end.

Buy or (make your own) hooks.  Push a hole into the top end of the icicle to create a small hole. We used our pencils.  Add one dot of Elmer's glue in that hole and then press the small loop end of your hook into the icicle top.  Gently press the clay around the hook to secure it.

Dry over night (or just go for the next step if you are in a serious hurry)

When dry, tint Mod Podge glue with a periwinkle effect.  A tiny bit of tempera or acrylic will work great.  Glue the entire icicle and then bury it in your choice of opalescent glitter.  We used my favorite from Oriental Trading.  (see this snow glitter here)


  1. So fun!! My kids would have a great time making these -- thanks so much for sharing the great idea!! What a great class project too!!

    Happy Holidays!

    pink and green mama,

  2. These are great Lori, we just might have to do them for Christmas craft day on Friday.
    Thanks so much for this!

  3. Very cute! Have to remember those for next year.