July 19, 2010

6th grade Aboriginal

Aboriginal Study

Each of the above images are individual 8x10 acrylic paintings done by my 6th grade students after a historical overview of aboriginal art.  The history is rich and interesting to explore.

The art process begins with many visual aids. I use a media projector that I have hooked into my computer to rotate a slide show of images on a large screen.  It is important that the students also have handouts of aboriginal symbols to draw from.  I ask them to express a possible aboriginal thought based on the "dream time" discussed in their cultural study. 

Hints to get started:
  • Draw basic designs first...no details yet- until background areas are finished
  • Slightly water or thin any thick acrylics when making dots
  • Use the opposite end of a brush or old pencils (eraser ends) for dots...Q-tips get "hairy"
  • Keep designs simple, but require the use of certain things, like: symbols, animals (I have patterns for them) concentric circles, dots, color theme. 

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