March 22, 2010

Eat the Color Wheel!

Yes...I said gobble it up!
Who says color mixing can't be yummy?

This great marshmellow fondant recipe is a sure winner...and incredibly easy, too!  All you need is marshmellows, powdered sugar, food coloring (I like the gels) and a touch of water. 

The following site has you knead this play-doh-like icing with crisco hands, but it is even easier in a heavy mixer.  Just grease the bowl instead of your hands.  It is very quick and a premade batch of primaries are a great mixing activities for your little guys.  They love this treat!  
Don't hesitate to let your kids sculpt with it, either. 
It shapes very well with no cracking-and dries fairly strong!
The cake on the right was created for my daughter's birthday. 
The fondant blends beautifully!

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