March 28, 2010


Third Grade:  Leonardo DaVinci's Mirror Writing
This is such a fun way to be Leonardo for a day!  Kids enjoy this "secret" writing and giggle quite a bit! I also like that it breaks up art days into a game day-where kids are still learning, sharing and exploring history!
Students in third grade learn about Leonardo's many talents.

After viewing a power point information show, we will further explore his notebook entries and mirror writing by seeing an online code generator that decodes the English alphabet into his Italian script.
• Students will then be given his Italian alphabet on paper to decode.  This is easy to put into a print out by using the above site.  Just type the abc's and print or copy and paste your results.

• Now, they will successfully demonstrate their knowledge of mirror writing by completing their name and a secret word. (I have them bend back one corner of their paper to form a flap-they love to write their answer there)

• Students will check their answers with a mirror and

• Share their secret words (game play) with friends as they attempt to break each other’s codes.

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  1. Hi--I teach art in Vermont and stumbled upon your blog while looking at art stuff on line.
    You have some nice ideas posted. Love the elmers's glue and shaving cream paintings.