March 21, 2012

Favorite Photo editor.

Does anyone have a favorite online photo editor?  I was a fan of Picnik- and they are shutting down.  I found this helpful Top 28 list, but thought I would ask you guys.


  1. picnik is merging into google picasa pics.

    I also really like for adding filters and frames!

  2. You may want to check out PicMonkey for some neat photo editing features. They have many wonderful color conversions and some very useful portrait touch up edits. I think you'll like it. The site also says they'll be adding a collage edit soon.

  3. I've been googling this issue too.
    All the sites I've found aren't nearly as great as picnik though... :(

    Hopefully some website will step up and utilize the huge crowd that will be leaving Picnik. But they need to also step up and make their websites better. Sigh...

  4. Great advice everyone! Thanks and keep the thoughts coming!

  5. Have you tried Gimp? It is not online, but it is a free photo editor to download that I use in place of Photoshop when I want a quick edit. Hope this helps! Like A Monarch

  6. My kids love Angry birds! I have to admit I do too, their funny noises as they go crashing into the wall. Thanks for the project idea! Like A Monarch

  7. Photoshop Express is one of my favorite. it has some great features.

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